Nut Tree Pecan Co

Company Description

How can you be confident that we are the best for the most comprehensive and up to date advice? We grow pecans on three farms that we own that total over 1,500 acres and we have a new 2,000-acre orchard under development. We have the best and largest pecan tree nursery in the southeast with the most comprehensive nematode and nutrition program in the industry. We have a very efficient pecan cleaning plant capable of cleaning 25,000,000 pounds per season. We are also Schermer Pecans, a family brand of pecan products centered around fundraising and direct to consumer sales.


Pecan orchards have been in our family for five generations and Frank Wetherbee started Nut Tree Pecan in 1968. Since he began his pecan career, he has been an innovator in all aspects of the industry from being the first to irrigate a pecan orchard to having the second mechanized harvester in Georgia. He was one of the first to use air blast sprayers and tree shakers to care for and harvest his crop. Frank also founded the only privately held shelling co-op in the state that yielded significantly higher prices to its grower members from 1968 to 2002.



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