Bush Hog Inc

Company Description

Bush Hog, Inc. is the leading North American manufacturer of rotary cutters, finishing mowers, landscape tools, and tractor-mounted implements used in the agricultural market.  Located in Selma, Alabama since 1951, Bush Hog’s products have earned an enviable reputation for their ruggedness and durability in the most challenging work environments. The “Bush Hog” brand is associated with rotary cutters and the act of cutting itself, having invented the brush mower over a half-century ago. Bush Hog’s rotary cutters and other product lines are assembled using both robotic and well-trained hand welders before being painted in a state-of-the-art powder coat paint system within the firm’s 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility. With an eye toward the future, the Company continues to invest in key projects that will further improve the efficiency of its operations.


Bush Hog products are built-to-last and field-tested—literally! In the early years, Bush Hog’s Research and Development department consisted of an employee taking equipment to the family farm and trying his best to tear it up. This process was used to identify weak spots and areas that needed improvement or reinforcement. He’d bring the equipment back to the shop, the engineers would fix it up, and he’d take it back to the farm and try to bust it up some more. If Bush Hog couldn’t bust it, it was ready for production! It’s that kind of heritage that has led to Bush Hog’s reputation for reliability and performance customers can count on. In fact, many Bush Hog products in use today are decades old!


Beef Cattle

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