Company Description

In 1969, animal nutritionist Paul Schneider started Tech Ag with an exceptional program of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to maximize cattle health. After many years in the business, Paul realized that the only way to take things to the next level was through improving the soil, which in turn would improve the nutrients in crops.Paul Schneider Jr

Now, two of Paul's sons plus other family members have joined him in his quest for soil excellence. After Tech Ag had experienced numerous breakthroughs, Paul's son Paul Jr., under the company name AG-USA, developed a product that seems to have achieved Paul Sr.'s lifelong goal.

Laboratory tests indicate that this new product makes a wealth of nutrients available to the plant and thus to livestock. Crops go from blah to exciting. Add to this the fact that year after year the soil just keeps getting better, and MycorrPlus (formerly called GroPal Balance) is truly a product to get excited about.

Not only do growers experience increased production, they also save a fortune on fertilizer. With MycorrPlus, soil and pH are brought more in into balance, and healthy soil microbes dominate, displacing harmful nematodes and pathogens.



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  • Fertilizer

Fruit & Vegetables

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