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12120 SW 180th Avenue
Dunnellon, FL 34433-
Phone Number (352) 229-2612
Phone (352) 817-3091
Email fcd5c270-64ec-4be9-ab3e-a8e9b914e81e
Internet www.cannoninnovation.com
Company Description
Founded in 2016 by Ron Cannon, President, a fifth-generation farmer, Cannon Innovation, LLC, is focused on inventing products that provide cost-effective agricultural equipment and accessories to enhance the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of day-to-day tasks. CannonLift™ is revolutionary hay spear apparatus that will change the way people lift objects in their daily operations. CannonLift is hay spear lifting device forged from high-grade steel that is used to turn a hay spear into a secure boom pole so that farmers and ranchers can safely and efficiently lift objects. CannonLift protects equipment and personnel while promoting efficiency. Using slip-lock technology, the patented CannonLift provides a secure and fixed mounting point for attachments. CannonLift is rated with a maximum load capacity of 10,000 pounds. The compact and easy to store design of CannonLift fits most manufactured hay spears.
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