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Florida Mineral Salt & Agricultural Products, LLC

Greg Clark - Sales Manager
Steve Clark - General Manager Michael Clark - Operations Manager
4014 North 40th Street
Tampa, FL 33610-
Phone Number (813) 623-5449
Phone (800) 741-5450
Fax (813) 620-1108
Email ddb5f2c4-6a66-48ee-a37f-a33beed7a494
Internet floridamineral.com
Company Description

Florida Mineral Salt & Agricultural Products, LLC. (FMS) is a family owned and operated business since 1992. The Clark Family brings over 40 years of experience to the agricultural industry offering customers a well-rounded knowledge of quality livestock supplementation. FMS has been manufacturing high-quality supplementation products for Beef, Dairy, Deer, Equine, Goat, Swine, and other livestock species for over 27 years.

FMS is Florida’s only manufacturer of pressed protein blocks and poured molasses blocks for any livestock need. FMS specializes in high-quality vitamin, mineral, and protein supplement products for livestock. Offering FMS products in bulk, bagged, block or liquid form. Our branded products are as follows:

FMS Super-Min Bagged Minerals and Blocks, FMS Super-Pro Protein Blocks, FMS Super-Mol Molasses Blocks and Tubs, and FMS Horn-Max Mineral and Blocks for Deer. Private Label may be available upon request, but minimum tonnage required.

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